Why does drinking tequila make me black out?!

Question: Why does drinking tequila make me black out?
I can drink the same amount of any other liquor and not have a problem. Is there a scientific reason for this?


Placebo effect - you had a bad experience, and now whenever you drink tequila
that memory comes back to you. Simple solution Do not drink tequila anymore

My brain

Certain drinks get you more messed up then others. I can pound beer, vodka basically any type of shot. But of I drink 151 or everclear i turn into a MESS! You just have to see what does what to you and try to keep it under control. If you want to be under control.

I love alcohol.

Percentage of alcohol; which happens to be ether, an old anesthetic, in water.

I'm unsure why. Tequila makes my clothes come off. Go figure.

Yeah. You drank more than you thought you did.

it not good

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