does weed affect your memory ?!

Question: Does weed affect your memory ?
I tend to smoke weed once a week on a friday night, normally its through a water bong. im not sure if tis just me but sometimes il be writing a sentance or something and il think of a really good word and then il just forget it with in 5 seconds..i eventually remebr it but does weed really affect ur memory...btw cant be asked with people who have nothing useful to say.


This one has been a hot topic on the weed debate for a loooooong time. Some people believe it does, some don't. At the end of the day, there's no research that can definitely prove that the use of marijuana affects your memory. There is plenty of research that has been done to attempt to prove that weed is the devil, but most of this research is illegitimate. For example, they ran a test on monkeys to try and prove that weed kills brain cells. They only recently released footage of the nature of the tests and it was found that what they were doing was pumping something like 30 joints worth of pure marijuana straight into the faces of these monkeys via a mask, for ten minutes once a week. Obviously they died due to depravation of oxygen to the brain but they tried to play it off differently. It has since been shown that smoking marijuna actually stimulates brain cells (look at every artist, musician and writer who ever lived.)

Realistically, weed only really affects your short term memory (the period in which you are stoned). That doesn't apply to all people because everyone is different. That said, it's not really memory loss so much as your ability to recall information gets a little handicapped while you're ripped. I smoke every day and have done so for many years and I have a memory like an elephant. So do all my weed smoking friends. Consider this: Would they really permit weed to be used medicinally if it messed you up that badly? No, they just need excuses to keep their anti-pot campaign going.

No the goverment say that just to make it illegal like monkey they test on the were pump 31 join in to them in 1 pump with a gas mask a day and the gas mask made the no breath so they had no air to breath that killed there brain cells look up

Yes. ...especially short memory. Causing problems with concentration and logical connections.
Do not worry , you just will be next victim of dementia, only a little bit earlier.


It affected my short term memory for sure. I say this from experience not any useless minimal gov so called studies. But on the other hand everyone is different so it might not affect you in the same way

You probably already had a bad memory, don't worry about the weed.

Yeah it's one of the side effects, but i think its a small price to pay for having a good time

Didnt affect mine

Weed is better for you than alcohol.

What was the question again???

Yes it does ...

no derrrrrrrrrrrrr! cuz you wouldn't be asking this question in the first place

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