Cigarette refund Advice? Answer soon Please.?!

Question: Cigarette refund Advice? Answer soon Please.?
I bought a pack the other day and it was very dry and distasteful. I through it out and I've still got the receipt. If I return to the store and ask for a different pack or a refund do you think they'll accept. Or will they think I'm full of it because I don't have the pack with me? Any opinions would help, thanks.


Most store owners will only refund your money if you have the unopened pack with you.
You can give it a shot, but I doubt a store owner is going to give you anything especially since you cannot prove you didn't smoke the whole pack.

It depends on the store and the people that work there but most likely not. this has happened to me before and i called the company and they sent me a carton free of charge so i would suggest calling the company.

Without the product, then the store will most likely not help you.
If they were to get reimbursed from the mfr, the mfr would want the bad product back.

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