Jack Daneils and Alcohol in General: Firdge, Cup, Freezer?!

Question: Jack Daneils and Alcohol in General: Firdge, Cup, Freezer?
hi. The other day some one at school had some apple cidar and put it in their locker. I was away a previous day and had to resit a test in the hall and the cidar exploded! I thought it was a gun or something and almost dived under the desk, haha!

This got me thinking, should you put jack daniels in the fridge or cupboard? Then I came up with these questions:

1. Should you put whiskey, vodka, alcohol in the fridge, freezer (making sure it doesn't explode) or cupboard.

2. Does the temperature effect the drink in any way. for example I heard drinks are "easier" to drink (i.e. smoother) at cooler temperature, dont know if this is true.



alcohol will not explode. any alcohol can be put in the freezer, & will not freeze. i always store mine in the freezer because yes,it is much easier to drink cold. it is a lot smoother

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