Drinking and not getting drunk?!

Question: Drinking and not getting drunk?
its supper weird, I mean ive only had 4 beers. But not feeling ANYTHING. Which I would ussualy be feeling pretty damn good by now.
Oh I haven't eaten anything either, just before.
I dont drink allot maybe 2 or once a week, max three. (Vodka, Beers, those can drinks in gas stations)
Im not fat, Im average , so it cant be that.
Im 15 by the way.
Help this is so gay.


Wait a while.. sometimes that happens to me it's annoying! i am not a light weight either..i can drink a lot! but sumtimes i'll have shots and shots and shots and i'll be GOOD still. also maybe you got a lot on your mind sometimes when im thinkin about a lot i don't get drunk as fast. and then it hits me way later!

No school today? I think you are just being silly and not really drinking beer. Perhaps your time would be better spent studying your English composition and spelling. :(

Yeah probs drink more and if you really wanna feel it drink fast you will get drunk pretty quick that way

Drink more then.

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