Weed, Cop, what now, please help?!

Question: Weed, Cop, what now, please help?
Ok, me and my friend were smoking weed at our school and we got rid of it and got in the car, put in eye drops, sprayed eachother with colonge, and we were done. Then we pulled out next to the front of the school building and bam a cop stopped us, and asked us to get ou tof the car, then he searched found ciggs and rolling paper. then he took our id's and got the license code on each then he asked us our parents # numbers gave us our licenses back and we continued on our way. my mom doesnt care about these things so i gave him her number. but can this be counted against me in anyway, and could he contact my dad (the mean one) with the license code, and do you think he would?


no worries. and unless he had probable cause to search your car he couldn't (unless you were on school property which case he can search the car without cause). so he found some cigarettes? were you guys 18? if so no worries. sounds like he knew what you guys were up to but couldn't prove it, so he was trying to scare you.

worst case is you get suspended for a day for having tobacco.

don't do drugs if you aren't willing to face consequences when they happen.

and your friend is lucky he didn't give him a sobriety test and a DUII


If you weren't issued a citation on the spot you have little to worry about. There are time consuming ways to do an internet search to find out who your dad is, but you're not worth the Officer's effort.

What now? facing of music, paying of penalties.

Doesnt Matter
Tomrrow I suggest you do not go to school
because mostly likely you'll end up taking a drug test and
be in (in school suspension) You tell your mom everything
Except you didn't smoke your friends did and ask to her to take the blame
or just say to them that you lended your car to friend for a few and
just picked it up soo yea Good Luck
And Drink A lot of Water ! A lot like 2 gallons to get the drugs out of your
system soo Good Luck!!! And your dad I dont think so if you didnt give him any information about him you be iight


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