What types of alcohol are in a blackout bucket?!

Question: What types of alcohol are in a blackout bucket?
I am a college sophomore at the biggest party school in the nation. We have tons and tons of bars in our downtown area and one of them offers a "blackout bucket." I shared one last night with two females, after having already been out drinking "moderately" for awhile (read as 7 drinks in 3 hours. Which is pretty regular for a night out for me) and let me tell you, it holds true to its' name. We all blacked/browned out. So, I guess the question is does anyone know what is commonly in these buckets?

I am sure it's one of those things that everyone has their own spin to, but just a general idea would be nice. I could always go back to the bar and ask, but I'm not going out again for a while and the curiosity is killing me.


We call it wapatuee. It's usually a bottle of vodka, rum, and whiskey, with different sodas and fruit juices. Like 7up, fruit punch and pineapple juice. It's pretty much a mixture of everything. Everyone's recipe varies.


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