I would like to see Alcohol classified as a Class A drug and completely banned, what do others think?!

Question: I would like to see Alcohol classified as a Class A drug and completely banned, what do others think?
Alcohol is the main cause of and the main excuse for gormless violence in the streets and also especially domestic violence. Alcohol kills brain cells and alters/distorts human judgement and decisions. Between class a drugs like cocaine and alcohol both these alters a persons behaviour pattern and yet smoking tobacco products have been treated with witch-hunts, humiliating smokers by saying they smell and making them look like nerds by standing outside. Smokers are also being blamed killing people, yet if you take drugs or drink alcohol you are accepted and treated nicely, is it me or is this really happening?


prohibition, at this point in time would be utterly destructive to a country like America. our prisons are already overcrowded. anyone can brew up booze, heck, they make raisin wine in prison! the answer is to legalize everything and let the chips fall where they may.

Thay tried this once didt work and yes over consumption is the root cause of a lot of problems its time for.the.government to stop treating its adult citizens like kids and stay out of our body adults are going to do what thay want as long as it doesn't directly.hurt others there should be no problems
Free the weed

don't give up your day job. tried that. a thing called prohibition. didn't work. just made criminals out of honest hardworking people.

you are right but it is a drug that has been with us for 7 000 years. there isnt a chance especialy last time it was tried it failed so badly

I think you are pro drugs and are trying to reframe an argument that does not stand for me. The damages caused by alcohol can't be compared to those caused by cocaine. Even if it is similar, one is dramatically more dreadful and destructive than the other. I think it can be scientifically proven that a drug addiction takes place a lot faster than alcohol, and most people go over board because it is culturally encouraged or accepted. I think that when you have reached the point where throwing up is funny, whether you are on alcohol or drugs, you are in trouble already. But the difference would be huge if people were to be surveyed and honestly responded the next morning if they would do it again. I think the cocaine guy would be on top for another ride, while the average alcohol consumer is telling himself, (why in the world did I drink so much: hangover) and definitely, some people are more likely to be addicted than others.

But beyond the scientific proofs, let’s face it. When the state was doing nothing, people started suing the tobacco companies, blaming them for their illnesses, Now that the info is out there and people are fulfilling their moral responsibility and exercising their basic rights to be in control of their health and not being intoxicated by others, you turn it like you are a victim. Just complaining does not make you right. Why should I bare that you intoxicate me with fumes I dislike and that are potentially dangerous to my health. how would like it if it was you. Stop being egotistical, start acting responsibly, as a grown up is supposed to do. And finally, you are free to endanger yourself or die, but please respect the other people who think it makes sense to pursue a long and healthy life. It is their right and this is probably the reason so many people fought to have freedom in the first place. Not just to do whatever they want. After all at some point you are responsible for your own choices. But when it involves the lives of other people, you can’t just act like their rights are less important than yours. That is not how I understand the word equal, as in equal in rights, or as my life deserves just as much respect as yours.

Bless you


common sense

Prohibition has been tried once and it didn't work. We should go back to basics. Alcohol abuse is the problem, alcohol is not. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Tobacco causes cancer and since these people don't die fast enough, the insurance companies have to pay more and charge more, so get rid of the tobacco. The insurance lobbies have more power than the tobacco lobbies. Average Joe doesn't have a lobby, just pays the bills.

The good thing is that if aspirin was invented today, it would be a prescription drug. Thank god for minor miracles of aspirin historically being over the counter.

There was big money to be made in alcohol while it was illegal, but once it became legal and taxed, organized crime wasn't able to make it one of their prime income markets. This is the reason why some people want to legalize drugs. Tax it, regulate it, and put the cartels out of business. I don't like the idea of putting the government seal of approval for the misuse of drugs. But the people in government has never been a good model for moral behavior outside of do as I say and not as I do. The idea of controlling alcohol by making a class A drug is a farce. The only thing you can control is your own actions. Keep up the good work and lead by example and maybe you can make a dent where it counts.

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