Why can't i get drunk?!

Question: Why can't i get drunk?
I drank 12 bottles of corona. With lime, of course. :) as well as a 26oz of rum straight from the bottle; I can't feel a thing. When I first started drinking it usually took a good 10-15oz of hard liquor to have an effect, but now I can drink until I physically cannot drink any more without feeling a thing... I'm also 16. This really perplexes me.


As others have mentioned, you might have some genetic condition that prevents you from feeling the effects. However, that much alcohol IS damaging your body. So if you can't get any pleasure from it, stop destroying your body needlessly. Try weed.

You didn't get drunk because it took you two weeks to drink all that. Try drinking a fifth of Everclear in a couple of hours and see if that gets you drunk...

12 beers & 26 ozs. of rum in 5 hours, You should be dead, not drunk. If you've actually done this, see a doctor, something's wrong.

Joe the Bartender

Why would you want to get drunk....? >_>
You know the police can check your internet history, right?



hmm that's strange. maybe you're immune to the feeling? but of course, maybe you're just not aware how intoxicated you are.

My only advice is to
Because thats how you get ****** up, never look back. Keep drinking till you stop thinking.

yeah, seems like you need a lot more...
talk to the guy at the liquor store, he might hook you up if he knows the situation

you built a tolerance towards alcohol.. That means that you have to drink more and more to get drunk.

I think you are a hard drinker and you need to try more

Idk, try drinking more then that

dwarf racial ftl, it takes more then a normal human to get drunk.

My answer is:'
Thank goodness you do not get drunk.You are 16.

keg stand the tequila nigguh

prolly cuz ur an alcoholic or you have a liver problem

have you ever been drunk
did this just star??

and maybe at 16 you shouldnt be drinkin that much but who cares its your body right

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