Can i distill alchohol with this setup?!

Question: Can i distill alchohol with this setup?
I have a glass mason jar with a hole drilled in the lid for a plastic tube to enter, the tube goes into a vat of cold water in a coil and exits out the bottom of the vatt. The mason jar is heated by a hot plate. Can i distill wine, to make brandy with this? Thanks.


It`ll work , but remember you have to keep the temperature of the wine in the mason jar at approximately 79 oC or 175 oF . If you allow it to boil , you`ll end up with Camel urine .

The mason jar will break on the hot plate, from the rapid expansion and contraction from heat. Even heat/oven proof glass needs to sit on a metal ring placed between the hot plate and the glass.

Plastic tube is likely to leech out unwanted chemicals.

The size of your setup will cause you to work really hard to end up with a shot or two of bad liquor. You'd be better off drinking your wine and saving yourself the headache (that's a pun, get it?).

Good luck.

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