How to start drinking?!

Question: How to start drinking?
I want to drink a little bit like my friends vodka, and stuff but i only like wine.


Just leave them drink what they like and what you like, drink your wine :)

If you dont know how to start drinking,then you dont need to,as you are in a better position.
Yet if u want* to giv it a try,then commit urself n follow a mild limit bt remember,these are addictive and am nt responsible for if this answer is upto ur craving,drinking in a limit is OK n while drinking never forget that MILD LIMIT.
*warning:-drinking is injurious to health.


Vodka is nasty. Just have a beer, and be true to yourself. If you dont like something dont drink it just because your friends do.

Either stick to wine or mix vodka with your favorite juice or soda.

If you prefer wine then stick to it like an adult.

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