where do i get a fake id?!

Question: Where do i get a fake id?
im 16 and i want to buy alcohol and stop on relying on other people to get it.



You are welcome.

you're 16 so you shouldn't be drinking. it will stunt your development. and you shouldn't be drinking so much that you feel like you need a fake ID. and my guess is you don't look anywhere close to 21 so they will scan your ID or scrutinize the hell out of it, and figure out it is fake. so you will get in even more trouble then drinking

but you will do what you want, so some advice that may or may not work.. have an older friend or older sibling of a friend who looks like you give you their ID and pay for them to get a replacement.

find someone you know who is 21 to go down to the DMV and get a replacement ID, and when they go up for the picture you go up instead (only works if its a larger DMV that is busy)

know somebody who makes fakes. can't answer this question without knowing where you live, but i'd assume asking around a college town should get you somewhere, or friends who are into drugs. often times knowing where to get weed is close to knowing where to get a fake


Nothing wrong with drinking at 16....when I was 17 I scanned my real ID into my computer, manipulated it with MS Paint (no joke) to change the birth year, and then printed it out and taped it onto my real plastic ID.

It looked like crap, but it actually worked. If you're from the States, their IDs look so fake and crappy as it is, that you can just photoshop and laminate an ID from a faraway state or foreign country and nobody will know what to look for. If you're confident, the cashier/bartender will just look at it and be like 'okay'

Good luck!

Totally illegal dude haha. Trust me..alcohol is not all you think it is unless your drinking 4loko haha. But im im not legal 2 drink yet neither..but i got sources to get me some haha.. But to answer your question ry going to NY or a big rural city . answer mines please.


Try a police station
Your a retard
Go to jail already

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