how to smoke cigarette properly?!

Question: How to smoke cigarette properly?
i started smoking a few days ago but i'm not sure if i'm smoking right. it comes out too much smoke and sometimes makes me choke. any tips


practice makes perfect.

leave some room in the corners of your mouth to suck in some air too if you feel like it.

I got very expert at smoking and then I couldn't give up for ages. I certainly wouldn't waste your talents on learning to smoke. It smells and it makes you smell. Quite soon you can smoke enough so you will be short of money to buy those shoes you want, or even pay your bills. Any idiot can send their money up in smoke. But of course you are doing your bit for king and country if you smoke because the tax on tobacco is horrendous. Seriously. Do you really want to be an addict to something smelly and expensive?

When smoking cigarette, hold it in one hand and blow smoke hurriedly. Make sure that there is no strong air blowing in the direction towards your face to avoid having a stinky smell.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for and have represented them online.

smoking is really bad for you. You should just stop. P.S. it also steals your wealth because each pack of cigarettes costs at least 8-10 bucks and that's expensive think of all the other good things you can use your money for. Really. I don't understand smokers they're not doing anything but damaging their health, shortenting their lives and throwing away tons of money down the drain which can go to much more useful and better things then a pack of cigarettes, think about it. By the way my ex bf lost his dad in 2006 due to smoking. He was a smoker and got addicted and died from lung cancer he was very young only 41 years old and what a shame that he chose cigarettes over his own life he was addicted, got lung cancer and died young. Don't get yourself into this habit unless you want to join my ex's dad at the cemetary before your time, this is the end result of smoking.

Yes. Please don't smoke. It's bad for you and smells and it's the worst habit to break!! It may seem cool to you now but later you will regret it especially after you see your love ones die from cancer. I have been smoking for over 45 years and I've quit a few times but have always gone back, that's how hard it is to quit for some people. I wish i never started!!

hey hellgirl, well when i first started smoking my stomach would feel sick but it eventually stopped. i started out with lights first an try to take a small inhale in the beginning. sometimes ill get a regular pack an smoke it my throat would hurt an alot of smoke would come out, so i just thought it was to strong for me. so ive stayed with lights or ultra lights.

It will make you chough since your not use to it and inhaling. It will become easier But please quit now unless you want an Nasty additicion. Expensive Smells Bad Teeth Health Problems and it hardest thing to quit once you get addicted. Horrible withdrawsand you thinking about it constantly.

Smoker wrost habit in life.

for your own good man

STOP smoking it will kill you one day

Faster than you may think and the death from smoking cancer is very painful man. you can even say to your loved one how you feel coz wind pipe gets blocked during the sever times

good luck and STOP SMOKING

Smoking is stupid.

It makes you smell bad, it can give other people second-hand smoke,it wastes your money, decreases your chances of getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, and eventually kills you.

quit smoking. Please it for your own good. Both health and financially. and no you not smoking properly. Well dont exactly know what proper wat to smoke is but know you should not be getting choked up.

If you suffer disease and die in 20 years, you know you did it right.

I see your remark. My reply to it is, why would you want to suffer a painful, depressing disease for 20 years?

Yes...Wise up and stop now while you can.

stop. nobody will want to kiss you with you tasting like ashes.

dont smoke .. theres your way

dont smoke?

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