How much beer do I need to drink to get a buzz?!

Question: How much beer do I need to drink to get a buzz?
I'm not looking to get falling down drunk, or even drunk at all. I'm going to experience my first time drinking alcohol and I want to make sure I don't go overboard or anything. I weight 235 lbs. 5'7, and I'm 20. Thanks.


i don't advocate drinking underage, but the difference between you drinking and the 14-15-16 year old kids who come on here asking the same question is astronomical.

general rule of thumb is 1 drink for every 30 lbs someone weights, so that would put you at close to 8. i would suggest a little bit less since its your first time drinking, like maybe 6 since I'm guessing you are pretty chubby (5-7-235?) and alcohol affects fat more than muscle

and it took awhile for beer to grow on me, so unless you are really motivated you might not be able to drink 6 beers, they aren't very tasty

For a buzz... 2-3 bottles.
You should note your level of inebriation also depends if you've eaten before. If you drink on an empty stomach you feel the alcohol effects more.

It's not the right time. Wait until you're 21 and eat healthier. Then we can talk booze.
For now, I would recommend an occasional 6 pack of diet root beer, but drink it cold.


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