why cant i find a gf my type who doesnt smoke or drink or party :( i hateeeee ittt?!

Question: Why cant i find a gf my type who doesnt smoke or drink or party :( i hateeeee ittt?
i wish one day someone txt me nd say they dotn do tht stfff


Charles, I suggest looking for people who know the Lord. That would be the best place to look, even if you aren't a religious person. None of the Christians I know drink, smoke, or party. I hope you will find a right girl friend and eventually wife. God loves you!

how old are you? cos i am looking for boyfriend who don't drink, smoke, party..
and eat, or go to the toilet or live their life cos im selfish just like you!!!! common get a grip.. ok maybe you don't want her to smoke ie. bad for health, but to party? whats the crime in that... next you will be telling her what to wear and eat for dinner... just go with the flow and chill out. stop focusing on trying to find someone who doesn't do this or that, and think about the positive things. Maybe you might meet the girl of your dreams, but then just because she likes to party you wont want to be with her? I think change your approach and then maybe you will get a good girl!

search more! is my motto!!
So keep on searching till u find. You can find dude. best of luck!!!!!!

try a church


babe, it all depends what your type is. Please define.

The morgue is full of them.

y u so anti-vowel?

try going to an aa meeting to find a chick?

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