Should I buy 2 liters for daughters party or can drinks?!

Question: Should I buy 2 liters for daughters party or can drinks?
I just dont know wich saves more money and mess


Yes, litre bottles are cheaper. You will have a few where someone opens one and takes 4 ounces out of it an on one else wants that kind. But the same is even more true of cans. People open a can, take a sip, then forget where they put it so they open another one.

get cans since kids don't drink responsibly and one of them might try to chug the entire 2 liter bottle by himself and die of alcohol poisoning whooo we don't want that now do we????

It depends. The stores around here occasionally run sales on 12 packs for $2 each. Cans tend to be easier, but 2 liter bottles aren't too bad either.

Cans mess wise ...but money 2 liter bottle.....would go with the cans myself cuss there recycleable and plastic is not so much..

Liters will cost less, but both will create the same amount of mess.

cans are better cause some kids have the tendency to hog all the 2 liter.
cans are more expensive but are worth it

2 litres ,for sure. So you can control what people drink ;)

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