How much damage did my binge drinking do?!

Question: How much damage did my binge drinking do?
I don't want judgement just the facts. For the past 6 days I've been having a bottle of wine a night due to problems. Only today have I stopped.

I'm 22, slight build and normally drinking is about twice a month half a bottle for me.

How much damage could i have done to my body this week. My stomach hurts, I vomited every night so my mouth hurts. But long term


not much. the liver is capable of regenerating itself.

one binge isn't going to kill you.

and 1 bottle at 13% really isn't TOO much drinking, but it is excess.

drinking to get rid of problems isn't always the best idea, and it sounds like you've been drinking by yourself. I know drinking seems like a good idea at the time to forget the problems but it often times only makes things worse.…

you are just hangedover it is best if you go to bed rest, drink lots of water to excrete the alcohol in your system. you may not be eating properly so you need to eat high protein is good but you need to eat it little by little. your mouth hurts beause you are vomitting every night the best thing you can do is to gargle avey after vomitgargle with water. take a shower it may help with the lightheadedness.

after a week, you probably didnt do too much damage,if you continue to do that tho, you can do serious damage, alcohol is the only mind altering substance that, after prolonged use, can attack EVERY major organ in the body. try to stay away from the high risk behaviors that you just described and you will be fine

Well i used to do this exactly like you! Im 23 now and stopped binge drinking early last year and feel sooo much better. Yes if you keep carrying on you will do more damage to your liver, stomach and other internal organs. And beauty wise too.... dehydrated skin, bloating, weight gain, i.e...around 300cals per glass of white wine eeekk!
You are feeling sick...well i know this sounds gross but when i vomited through alcohol sometimes
it was luminous yellow. That is bile, stomach lining poisoning. (Very Dangerous) Plust very bad for your teeth. You may have caused little damage if only for 6days but all ready too much. I was tired, irratable, bloated, sick, and dehydrated. At our age a bottle a nite is too much, i know.
I know we all love a good ole drink, :)
But just cut down and make sure you eat too as this will stop the stomach pains.
You will have upset your bodys natural state by these 6days. But not enough to permanatly damage it. You will do if u carry on. But because you have stopped you will return to normal and feel much better. Try drinking lots of water too (Helps stomach pain)
Im no doctor but i know what drinking can do to the body and the damage it does.
Hope it helps a lil. Ciao-Mein :D xoxo


None. Half a bottle a night is not that much over the recommended daily limit. 3 bottles in 6 days as a one off will have no long term effects.

The vomitting is to be expected if you're not used to drinking and the stomach pain is a result of the vomitting. You'll be fine.

As for Abby's comment, that's just ridiculous. You can't become an alcoholic in 6 days.

It's not permanent. You have to drink like that for several years to do any kind of permanent damage, and even then only some would see that damage. You're just suffering from a prolonged hangover. Don't worry.

If you go back to your norm of 1/2 a bottle twice a month then the damage from this past week in the long term will be nominal.

You could get addicted first of all and you could really damage your internal organs too

Health class

Well honestly just one bottle a night is really not that bad. A bottle usually only holds about 2 1/2 to 3 glasses.

One time I had sex with a dead hampster while slightly intoxicated

None, you our fine. I drinks abotu teh sames amoun t each day and it not affected my brains at alls so if I weree you I woud'lnt worry.

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