How drunk is someone with a BAC of 0.165?!

Question: How drunk is someone with a BAC of 0.165?
If a 24 year old male who is 5'10 and 180lbs with a muscular build has a blood alcohol level of 0.165, how drunk are they? Would this level of intoxication be enough for them to fall over and have poor coordination? Thank you.


that's twice the legal limit. honestly the person's size doesnt affect whether they appear drunker their bac level determines that

.165 is pretty damn drunk, but it really depends on how often the person drinks

when i first started drinking i couldn't get to that level of drunkenness without puking, getting the spins, stumbling, slurring speech, and being out of my mind.

now i can reach that level pretty easily, and appear relatively sober.. or appear like i'm only a little drunk

in the story below after the first drinks described i'm around a .13, and after the next set of drinks probably pretty close to a .20

but all in all it really depends on the persons tolerance to how drunk they would really be at .165…

Drunk enough to die!!!!! That's a wicked high BAC I think that's enough to die from alcohol poisoning!!!

It depends on the person. It is however twice the legal limit to drive. They would definitely be feeling something

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