Advice on first time getting drunk?!

Question: Advice on first time getting drunk?
Should i eat when?? Also when do you know youve had enough ( i dont want to be wasted or sick )



I would recommend eating at least 15-20 minutes before hand... I'm an alcoholic so I can't tell you when I know I've had enough, because I typically drink until I'm blacked out or close.

I'm assuming you're over 21, but that assumption is likely wrong.

check the link below for the story of the 1st time I drank, and I think the key to me not getting sick or super wasted was I didn't have access to anymore alcohol once I was buzzed/slightly drunk...…

Eat a good meal beforehand, This will take the brunt of the alcohol through the night. You could even have a few drinks with your meal to start you off.

When you get inton the swing of things, for every alcoholic drink have a non-alcoholic drink in between. This will allow you to carry on comfortably through the session, and still get happily plastered. And most importantly you wont get sick.

When you finish, drink a whole pint of water, and you will be hang-over free!

I'm a postgrad...!

Definitely eat beforehand, have plans to get home without driving yourself, periodically check you balance, stuff like standing on one foot. Also, check you're coordination, a popular test is to see if you can touch your nose with your eyes closed, although I can't even do that regardless. Also, count you're drinks. If you are under 21, please don't do it.

Don't do it! You should stop after one or at most two drinks, as alcohol is more potent to those who are not used to it. Excessive drinking can cause you to do or say things you will regret afterwards, and will also give you a king-sized headache the next morning. Also acting drunk and disorderly in public can get you an uncomfortable night in police cells and a £80 fixed fine to pay. if you drive whilst drunk the penalties are much harsher. I'm not suggesting you go teetotal but I do think that you should drink in moderation. Also don't drink on an empty stomach.

First be over 21...Then eat something greasy before you start because it coats your stomach and you won't get as drunk as fast. My gage for knowing I've had enough is when my face starts feeling funny, and I start talking like an idiot, and that 80 year old 350 pound lady at the end of the bar starts to look alright. In fact I've probably had much more than enough. Do not drive..You WILL go to jail. After you get home take a couple aspirin and a big glass of water to reduce the hangover.

Eating beforehand is very important. If you are offered a free drink as a special do not take it because if you take it without accounting for it beforehand it might result in the end result that you drink more than you plan. Set yourself a limit and stay below that limit. I also suggest avoiding mixed drinks such as Long Island Iced Teas since they have a ton of alcohol in them. Lastly make sure you are in a condition to walk normally because you do not want to take the chance for being busted for Public Drunkenness.

It would be a good idea to eat first, especially with no tolerance since it's your first time. I remember my first time it took me one shot of 90 proof vodka and I was wasted. Make sure you don't overdue it. Once you get that warm, happy feeling all over then that's probably the best time to stop.

i think you should eat because when you are drunk you will need your strength although youll throw it up. you should stop when you cannot walk straight and are seeing doubles of everything. my health teacher told me on high school to drink milk after a hang over because it makes you feel better.

Drink, but don't get drunk. Eat a full meal containing starchy foods before you start drinking, and drink non-alcoholic drinks between each alcohol drink.

Just kinda wing it but don't overdo it.

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