After Alcohol Poisoning, I Can't Drink Gin Anymore?!

Question: After Alcohol Poisoning, I Can't Drink Gin Anymore?
On New Years, I got alcohol poisoning, mainly from a fifth of straight gin. I never got my stomach pumped, but supposedly I was in a coma-like state and threw up a countless amount of times.

Now, every time I try and take a shot, I can't do it. Merely the smell makes me want to puke, and if I drink it I'm almost guaranteed to do so. I have no problem with any other from of alcohol, mixed or straight, but I can't touch gin anymore, specifically Bombay Sapphire.

Does this have to do with the alcohol poisoning? Will I ever be able to drink gin again?

Thanks in advance.


Probably. The fact that you got alcohol poisoning from mostly gin may have conditioned your body and brain to think that gin is dangerous for your body so when you even just smell gin your brain thinks the body is being invaded and so orders your stomach to be ready for puking AKA nausea. Try not to drink gin for a year or so and then test it and see if you still feel the same. Until then stick to other spirits. Gin isn't the only good liquor ya know :)

any likely does. I've had some bad experiences with certain drinks, and even the smell of that particular drink makes me nauseous. for instance i mixed vodka with dr. pepper for a long time and i can't drink dr. pepper anymore without wanting to puke. same thing with vodka

you may be able to drink gin again in the future, but maybe not. your body recognizes that drink and hates it, and knows what it can do to you.

don't drink a 1/5th your lucky something worse didn't happen. LUCKY


Sounds like a blessing to me...

But more than likely, you haven't developed anything permanent or physical. Just a psychological aversion. And as bad as gin smells, you might be averse for quite some time...

Absolutely. I od'ed on ephedrine when I was younger, now if I even smell it, I will vomit. Your body knows what it doesn't like.

bombay sapire? dams, you are fancy. i wish i had your problems.

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