Could you live if you drink?!

Question: Could you live if you drink?
7 Bud Lights, 3 Corona's, 5 Monster Energy Drinks and 3 Red Bull's in 24 hours. Oh but the 3 Red Bull's were diet.

And no I did not do this.


yes you can live. i've had three 4 lokos in a shorter span, probably about half the span (the ones before they lowered the caffeine amount) and those had more alcohol (about 6-7 beers worth more) and pretty close to the same amount of caffeine.

i was super drunk, and super sick. but i lived, and i didn't come close to dieing


you cloud live very easily dude
some people with a tolerance drink a case(24 pack)
of budlight
and snort a 1/8 of a oz cocaine in an 8 hour setting

people who live in galion,oh
that do just that

you'd definitely die.... too much caffeine = too much energy, and then too much sleep. (it'll knock you out)

i could drink that in a couple hours and still want more

i wouldnt try it

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