drank very little wine last night and got headache in the morning?!

Question: Drank very little wine last night and got headache in the morning?
i drank some wine last night like about a couple big sips and i woke up this morning with a slight headache.. i'm only 14 - any advice or reasons of..?


well my advice would be to lick some lemons...
its sounds corny... but hey.. i m a regular drinker.. and Hangover is a common thing..
lemon is a natural remedy... or mayb u shud try sum dark chocolates

I would suggest not drinking at such a young age. Im not familiar with the laws of all the states but Im guessing it requires you to be some years older. Its just not a good habit or something you need to be experiencing at this point. Thats my opinion anyway. Now, to help your headache, maybe you can try some over the counter headache meds that your parents are ok with you taking and drink yourself some good juice. like cherry juice. I cant imagine a couple of sips giving you a headache but who knows.

Some red wine is very rich in tannins, which can bring on headaches in many people. A fruity red lower in tannins or white may have a completely different effect.

Don't drink wine.

Drink some coca cola

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