Will 375 ml of vodka get me drunk?!

Question: Will 375 ml of vodka get me drunk?
I'm 5'8, 130 lbs, female.
I don't think that really matters though cuz it's different for everyone.
I've drinken before but we always just drink out of 750 ml bottles and I'm not sure how much I drank of them to get me drunk.. because we always had like 3 bottles so I didn't worry about it.
But I wanna know, if you think 375 mls will be enough for me & will I have to chug it to get an effect?


that is 1/2 a fifth. you should have been able to do the math on that

and yes, sex, tolerance, and weight all play a factor on how much alcohol you can consume before getting sick.. everyone is different but the difference typically comes in tolerance

that would get me plastered, and i'm a guy, weigh more, and almost certainly have a higher tolerance.

i would bet if you chugged that in under 1/2 an hour you will get sick or blacked/browned out and likely will end up doing something stupid... i'd suggest probably 1/2 that amount


It probably will. How about waiting until you are 21 and hopefully more responsible?

Too much. That will most likely make you vomit. Take it slow. Try half that amount first.

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