What do you do with your empty water bottle?!

Question: What do you do with your empty water bottle?
I know a lot of people prefer bottled water over tap water. My question is what effect do all those plastic bottles have on our environment?

Isn't it counterproductive to claim bottled water is cleaner and better for you when the smog from the bottling company is harmful to us and the plastic from the empty bottles usually don't get recycled?

I just can't figure out why people prefer bottled water. It's not even purified usually.


Don't buy it.
Use an alternative container.
Re-use or recycle the bottle.

There is a slogan that is used where I am from. "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!" Everything that can be recycled should be. It is easy, and usually accessible for most people.

Think about how you purchase/buy things. Opt for bulk items that use less packaging content. Instead of a gazillion individual sized packages that are smaller but in the end, add up to way more
packaging material, that most people don't recycle.

Re-Use! If there is something that you can find additional uses for, use them. Coffee cans can be a child's coin bank. This helps teach the early concept of savings, and helping to protect the environment at the same time. Reusable shopping bags versus plastic ones.

we only have one Mother Earth. If we don't protect her, then she will no longer be able to provide for use. We were left with the duty to be wise stewards over this great garden that was provided for us. If we don't take care of it, then we will be the ones that will have to pay the consequences.

well because the bottle is actually made from oil, that means that when the oil runs out, all water bottles will be rarer, and the price will increase RAPIDLY MANNNNN. That is why they are trying to invent refillable bottles and recycling bottles to be re-sold which arn't made from oil. So this is better for the environment and doesn't give off bad stuff to the environment.
Yeah my mother had meninjitis from drinking dirty tap water in a different country, so if she bought bottled water she probably not have nearly died before she had me. and that would be upsetting because i wouldn't be here right now to answer your question.
but still i think bottles water is a waste of time and money, the end.

The problem with bottled water is that you take it out with you then the sun beats down on it the plastic off of the bottled melts into the drink and this can result in pains in hour stomach!

I was concerned about how many H2O bottles I was tossing in the trash...saw an ad for a Brita pitcher and switched to that...actually fill up used water bottles that I was throwing away...and put them in the 'Fridge

I recycle my empty water bottles by re using them. Otherwise, I will place the bottles in a recycling bin or other receptacle.

I recycle my bottles ...

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