I got pulled over while drinking a beer & the cop didn't see it. Is this proof that God is looking out for me?!

Question: I got pulled over while drinking a beer & the cop didn't see it. Is this proof that God is looking out for me?
I got pulled over for doing 55mph in a 45mph zone. I hid the beer under my skirt. The cop only gave me a verbal warning instead of hauling me off to jail for DUI.

Does this mean that God was watching out for me last night?


No, it was Satan giving you encouragement.

it means you got away with one.

learn from this. a DUII is a terrible hindrance, and more importantly you could have killed someone driving impaired.

next time you won't be so lucky.

when I was 20, me and another friend who was 20 were driving downtown (state capital) drinking beers out of plastic cups, my buddy had just poured one into his cup and tossed the can out the window, the cop saw the can get tossed, pulled me over (i was over the limit by far), and could easily see about 4 18 packs in the backseat of the car (which we had just gotten from a beer run), and he ended up just giving me a warning and telling us to go pick up the can he threw out.

i didn't learn from my mistake and got a DUII a month later, don't be as stupid as I was


It means you are one lucky drunk. Don't get me wrong, I love my beer, but NOT when I'm driving. Drink at home, or get a taxi, but don't kill someone else. God would REALLY be pissed you didn't learn from this lucky pass.

No, it proves you're lucky.

And that you are an idiot.

God would have sent you to jail. Quit blaming god.

No. It means you got lucky and escaped the vile clutches of government stronghold and enforcement.

It is proof of three things. You are extremely lucky. You are an idiot. You should be in jail.

Since you had beer it was the beer God looking out for you.

It means that the cops are looking out for you!
Might not be lucky next time!


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