Why is imported Italian wine in the US so watered down?!

Question: Why is imported Italian wine in the US so watered down?
My cousin owns a wine bar in Rome, and the difference in wines, such as Montepulciano, is amazing. Somewhere along the line it is getting changed, before it reaches the consumer is the US. Why?


I've enjoyed a ridiculous amount of Italian wine, both in the US and all over Italy. I have no idea what you're talking about. I've noticed zero watering down of Italian wines. Classification guidelines are ridiculously strict.

If you believe your wine has been tampered with (watered down), bring it back to the store you purchased it at.

I'm a sommelier.

'Mericans have certain expectations for how wines should taste, and the wines bottled for export are made for those tastes. Italians apparently have different taste in wine.

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