Beer makes me feel ill, just one sip; can I not handle beer or just dislike the taste?!

Question: Beer makes me feel ill, just one sip; can I not handle beer or just dislike the taste?
I can have like shots of alcohol but like when I have a sip of Stella for example, I hate it and find it revolting. All views and opinions are of course greatly appreciated =]


It is just a matter of preference. You do not like the taste of beer and therefore cannot drink it. Also, sometimes when a food or drink gets one very sick at a certain point in their lives, the smell, taste, or thought will continue to get them sick.
For example my friend once drank far too much tequila as a teen during a drinking binge and ever since cannot stand the smell or taste of tequila years later because psychologically, in her mind, tequila is equal to poison that makes her sick. She will however, drink Bacardi 151 straight. Is it possible you had a bad beer experience or perhaps just truly dislike the taste?
I don't think it is that you "cannot handle" beer, just that you do not like it.

Not surprised you think Stella will make you throw up! It is not a pleasant beer. It could also be that you have an allergy and your body is telling you not to drink it. If you are under 18 years old, you should wait a couple of years before drinking any alcohol, which kills of brain cells just when you need them most! LOL! Disliking the taste of beer is nothing of which to be ashamed of... Indeed, you could become an expert taster with such a fine palate. They spit everything out after tasting... Problem solved!

Beer is an acquired taste. Normally when one despises the taste of something it will make them feel ill. Cabbage has the same effect on me, but beer is wonderful.

Then like do not drink beer it simply not your thing.

i don't like beer either. two beers gets me drunk. 3 beers and you'll have to carry me

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