I drank way too much, help!?!

Question: I drank way too much, help!?
Last night I drank too much, i don't remember anything, but i puked ( my friends tell me ) 13 times, apparently i started chugging tequila and rum, and i have the worst headache ever, I cant stare at far things and I still puke from time to time. Am I going to die?


you will eventually die, but not today.

that is the consequences for drinking irresponsibly, and blacking out... its a hangover- a bad one, and i've had ones equally as bad, and it just took time to get over it.

learn from this, and try your best not to let it happen again... if you can't stop yourself from getting this drunk/sick when you start drinking, drinking may not be for you


you might just die yes ..... i hope you realize your life is more important than drinking to be cool or to fit in ... forget that man ...... im all for having 1 too many but shots can be lethal and you should stop before your ill , get a bit drunk by all means from time to time live and enjoy ..... but there is nothing to enjoy about the way you feel now

learn from your mistakes !

you're probably not going to die. just eat some food and drink plenty of water. also, throwing up is a good way to get it out of your system. you're just really drunk!!

Well, its VERY bad to drink that much. it can damage your kidneys and liver. Maybe you should go see a doctor. You are probably VERY drunk. I hoped you learned your lesson. Don't drink very much!

This is not a question Mr. Violation man. So you drank too much it happens to the best of drinkers. Have some rest and get ready for tonight's activity its coming on fast.

Gemma F

Everyone dies. It's just part of nature.

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