What is a good hangover remedy?!

Question: What is a good hangover remedy?
Ok well yesturday was my birthday and last night I drank 4 tall mixed drinks with vodka in them and after that I slammed 4 beers. I know, I know....I shouldn't have mixed my liquor with beer...but when your tipsy you don't care! I stopped drinking at 3am and passed out about 6am because I was feeling sick.. When I woke up at 1pm today I have bad headack, stomach hurts, lots of diarreah, and the shakes.
I've been drinking water, pickle juice, orange juice, and I ate a little bit.
What else can I do to feel better? I have had hangovers before but never like this.


Lots of water - they say hangover is largely dehydration.

The best remedy for a hangover is prevention. Drink in moderation, and you'll enjoy the next day much more.

ya and if u dnt wanna smoke weed get a friend whos a stoner and go 2 their house withTHEIR stoner friends,sit back ,and enjoy the fumes

you can eat food for good solve this

Not to drink too much the night before.

try not drinking. best hangover cure ever.

smoke some weed.

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