Best Beer in the WORLD?!

Question: Best Beer in the WORLD?
Westvleteren 12. Has anyone tried it? Trappist beer


It is blindingly obvious from most of the answers posted thus far, that none of those answering have any real knowledge of beer.

To start with, it is impossible to name the "best" beer since nobody could possibly try them all. Even in the UK (admittedly one of the world's finest producers of beer) there are over 3000 different beers brewed - to sample them all would be the work of many years. Then, add on the thousands of fine beers brewed in Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and, yes, the USA - and the numbers must run into 50,000 or so.

All one can say is what one feels is the beer that one likes most of all from those one has drunk. The contributor who suggested Corona (a very bland mock Pilsner) has right to his or her opinion - but I suggest it is based on very limited experience.

For myself I think that the best bottled beer (amongst many contenders) is Fuller's 1845 and the best cask beer is Thornbridge Jaipur (although again there are many others that come close.

Half a century of drinking beers in every continent of the world (apart from Antarctica) - and being fortunate enough to live in England - one of the finest beer producing countries in the world.

You cannot call any animal best or worst . All animals have their particular role to play in ecological system.
Then also if you want to find out the look of a particular beer , then I feel it is grizzle beer which is quite cute.

Never tried those beers before. Im not much of a beer drinker myself but if i do have some nothing beets corona's there the best.

Beer are not really as best as they are so-so

I have not but I did try Maredsous last night, and would rate it at par with Chimay.

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