what a good way to mix vodka?!

Question: What a good way to mix vodka?
i wanna mix vodka but not sure what to mix it with. i have coke and water , and juice what i can mix it with


Any juice... I like Cranberry and orange. Kool-aid is great too!!

You can mix vodka with just about anything, since it's practically tasteless. Vodka and orange juice is called a screwdriver, vodka and tomato juice is called a bloody mary. Vodka with milk and kahlua is a white russian, and vodka with just kahlua is a black russian. I mix vodka and diet coke, and I've mixed it with other sodas and crystal light in the past. You can drink vodka straight with lots of ice and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice too.

vodka drinker

vodka and coke with a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a lemon wedge is nice and refreshing! also vodka with orange juice and the tinyest bit of raspberry corial is nice.

Vodka will go with pretty much any juice u have. Cranberry is good

any juice

I like to keep it simple with orange juice after a few glasses of that PARTY!

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