what happens if i fast for 4 days and drink lots and lots of water?!

Question: What happens if i fast for 4 days and drink lots and lots of water?
you know the normal amount water


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Could be a good cleanse, although I expect that you would find it difficult. Why don't you try just drinking vegetable and fruit juices (and water), if it gets too tough?

You'd probably lose a small amount of weight too.

First off, don't do this because it's not safe and extremely unhealthy. Drinking too much water, even if you think it's not too much, can lead to overhydration. The symptoms of this are cramping, twitching, and in extreme cases paralysis on one side of the body and death.

If your doing this to help yourself loose weight, it won't help you in the long run. While you may loose a few pounds at first, you body will grow accustomed to small amounts of food. After the fast, your body will be used to not getting enough food so that when you do finally eat it will store most of the food as fat because it does not know when the next time it will be starved. Even if it's only for four days, our bodies are ment to adapt or die, so it doesn't take a long time to affect it. Also, when you fast fir that long, you are not just loosingnfat, you are loosing muscle mass. Your heart is one big muscle and it is very dangerous to loss muscle mass in this region as it can result in heart failure and death.

I would either fast for one day per week or do a 7 day fast. At 4 days you will get really hungry but its not enough time for the hunger to subside and really feel the benefits.

Make sure you prepare for the fast by eating mostly veggies and fruits a few days before.

Fasting is HEALTHY don't listen to anyone else.

Firstly,one cannot survive without water ...leads to de-hydration.
At the most ...2nd day needs some fluids or water.
All the best.

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