does drinking through a straw get you drunk faster?!

Question: Does drinking through a straw get you drunk faster?

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The key to inebriation is not 'how much alcohol is in your stomach', but 'how much alcohol is in your bloodstream'.

Small sips taken at frequent intervals will be absorbed much more readily, and the effects of alcohol will be more pronounced much more quickly.

The old "one-one-ounce shot per minute" with a quart of beer will render one quite drunk before the bottle is consumed, while knocking back a few pints can be shrugged off.

In any case, please don't drive, and NEVER text old girlfriends.

Best wishes!

Thats a myth, how you drink it doesn't make a difference really. The amount of alcohol you consume determines how drunk you get. Straws do look kind of childish too, I wouldn't really use them. Hope that helped!

no.but chugging and gulping as fast as you can will

No....drinking faster gets you drunk faster

No. It just makes you look like a child.

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