Can u leave a can of opened pineapple in the fridge? is it safe?!

Question: Can u leave a can of opened pineapple in the fridge? is it safe?

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Put some plastic wrap over it and seal it with a rubber band. it'll be fine, just keep it refrigerated.

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i think its not good,you can just put a foil to cover it or a plastic, its safer.because if you leave it there without a cover the smells and odors of other food can come on it and its now not so good to eat. i hope it helps.

It would be safe. After about a day though, it starts to taste metallic due to the acid and metal can. After opening, it's best kept in plastic.

Safe, yes, but depending on the metal of the can itself it can react with the acid in the pineapple and the flavor becomes "tinny" :(

Better to keep it in the fridge. I don't see what this has to do with alcohol though.

Please look for the RIGHT category when you posting your questions on yahoo eh.

If you cover it well so it is sealed, and only leave it for a couple of days, it's fine.

I don't trust open cans, I always transfer to a plastic container or I find the food tastes metallic or "tinny"

It is recommended that you transfer it to another container that has a cover.

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