Halls Breezers Creamy strawberry question?!

Question: Halls Breezers Creamy strawberry question?
Okay, im like in love with these cough drops but like i dont like to eat them when i dont have a sore throat cause i dont wanna like get sick or anything from them. My friend told me they make these but they're like a candy and not a cough drop. Do you know where i can get them or if these are even real? like is there a site where i can order them from?


Halls Breezers are made with mostly sugar, so yes, they are like a hard candy.
These are meant to just soothe the throat and they have no actual medications or drugs in them.

You can get them from the grocery store or corner pharmacy. They are kept either in the cough drop section or near the hard candies in the candy isle.

You can't get sick from them because they contain just pectin (naturally occurs in fruits and veggies) and used as a gelling agent, colors, and flavors.

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