My friend and his damn cigarettes!?!

Question: My friend and his damn cigarettes!?
I have a mate who isn't the coolest person ever and he wanted to take up smoking. I used to say to him and friends why? But then I ended having a few every now and then with friends (Don't hate it's a very social thing to do) and then I stopped asking him why he wants to start as it would be hypocritical. Anyway I offered him one once at school when we were out at lunch, he said no i'll wait until I get home, he said he opens the window and puts on an air freshener (Yeah we're underage but whats a few months?) I was just thinking that's no way to smoke, if he's doing it for the "coolness" then do it with people not in a locked room out the window. I do it because I like the taste of a couple brands but I have like a pack of 10 or 20 once a month or so, usually in social situations. I'm asking what do you think of how my mate smokes? If your gonna do something like that surely do it with other people? To me it's a social thing, as well as ever so slightly cool ;) but he just makes me think uh? Why?


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Maybe he realizes that there's nothing "cool" about it.
It stinks and people look stupid when they smoke. It's really a disgusting habit and I would be very happy if all smokers decided it was best done in privacy.

Idk maybe he's actually addicted and he knows he'll actually need one later?
Or maybe he doesn't actually smoke,
Or maybe he likes risking getting caught or something...

There isn't anything cool about it at all, he probably just enjoys having a cig once in a while.

You're the reason thousands of companies have created peer pressure campaigns

my man you smoke for the wrong reason, seems to me your friend smokes for the right reason, he enjoys it and unfortunately hes probably already became addicted to them, if your only smoking 1 pack a month just to be cool around people i would just quit now because you really dont wanna become addicted, i remember i was smoking around a pack and a half a day for a good 8 years until my wife begged me to stop, amazing how much better you feel after a few weeks of no smoking, no more coughing and you save a little money

First your underage so it could get you in big trouble second its not "cool" at all even in socail enviorments they become very addictive and can kill you and others my best friend died of lung cancer she got it from ciggerate smoke she ndver smoked a day in her life she was 19 when she died you and people like you who think smoking is kwel are killing not only yourselves but inocent people who had so much to give to the world!!!!!

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