Best type of Marlboro cigarette?!

Question: Best type of Marlboro cigarette?
I am not an addicted smoker, I have had a few cigarettes here and there but would never become a full-fledged smoker because it is very bad for you.

That being said, this summer I'm going to a beach house and wanted to buy a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. I only want to buy one pack. I've tried the gold and thought they were decent. And the menthol and smooth were pretty good when I tried them. I haven't tried anything else.

Anyway, I want to get the best pack, but I don't want to have to buy a million packs of cigs to try just to see which I like the best, so could someone describe to me the difference between the following.

Virginia Blend

PS: Don't tell me that cigarette smoking is bad. I KNOW! But just like smoking a hookah every now and then, I like to smoke cigs every few months or so. You can still smoke without becoming addicted. It is possible. I am an example.


Reds: a full tobacco taste
Gold: a mild tobacco taste
Silver: a light tobacco taste
Menthol: a full tobacco taste with menthol
Smooth: a menthol with a more spearmint taste
Skyline: very similar to a smooth
54's: a mild menthol taste

I'm a smoker... I smoke Marlboro Mild (now the blue menthol pack) they have a mild menthol taste similar to 54's.

Even social or occasional smoking is bad for you. You can become addicted just smoking occasionally. And quiting sucks..

The chick had the best answer.

But i love Reds im smoking one right now they are the best taste for me altough Vantage are the pinnacle of great cigs they taste like vanilla camel lights are also really really good and camel wides are good branch out some theres alot of tobacco out there man

Haven't tried all them, I always liked reds, they are strong and give you a rush, but still taste kindof creamy. If you like menthols though you might find them too strong, if you like menthols, then menthols are good.


~The Fat Man

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