how do i ask my brother about cigarettes?!

Question: How do i ask my brother about cigarettes?
me and my brother have an akward relationship. when we talk, its usually only for like one minute

and its about drugs.ALWAYS about drugs. he's 16 and he smokes weed and i ask him about it
cause i do too (used to). im only 14, but yeaah. so i know he can get me menthol camel crush
cigarettes and idk how to ask him? im probably just going to text him, but i feel like hes getting
annoyed of me because im always the one who talks first, like i always go to him, he never goes to
me. so how do i ask him?


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Just ask. He'll say yes or he'll say no. Like the above guy said have the cash.

I used to smoke. You should google health risks of smoking, just to be sure you're savvy. It's extensively unhealthy, and remember it's usually a constant habit. Also at your age it's doubly damaging, your body won't fully develop. I suggest you don't touch a cigg til you're 18, then do whatever you want.

Okay nobody said you were going to become a chain smoker.
Have fun kid, be safe be smart
I'm sure you're bro won't mind, but don't hold it against him if he does.

Drop some cash in his lap and tell him to buy you some smokes if he knows you smoke bud he shouldnt care that much

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