How do you know when an alcoholic is sincerely asking for help?!

Question: How do you know when an alcoholic is sincerely asking for help?
I recently told a long time alcoholic friend that I could no longer be around his drinking. I decided to get sober and his drama was killing me. He was mad at first, but recently sent an email asking for help but then said he was afraid to admit to others his problem. He is a heavy drinker and been told he has two years left to live. Sidenote though he is known to try to get a lot of attention like a lot of alcoholics. How do you know when an alcoholic is sincere or just trying to get attention?


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I see his/her bottle is empty and are begging me for a swig from mine. At this point i just pour a swig for them and toss em a quarter. There in no sincerity in a similar situation if their bottle is not empty that's just greediness. Always help a fellow drinker with a snoot.

you will know when he starts working his steps towards recovery and puts sobriety into action...hopefully he is going to AA or some sort of recovery program for the help and support he obviously needs.

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