is buying duty free alcohol much cheaper than regular?!

Question: Is buying duty free alcohol much cheaper than regular?
like how much?


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For me it's about half, my closest duty-free is 20km south. (Mexican border)
You gotta know pricing on both sides though and understand the restrictions
as far as how often + how much you can buy at such ridiculously low prices.

Yes. Duty free means that the alcohol is not taxed. The price difference will depend on what you are used to paying for alcohol. Different states tax differently depending on the type of alcohol and state.

No it's not...most of the times they rip you off, once i brought a half gallon bottle of Smirnoff flavored vodka for 18 bucks and in the duty free it was 23.50 >.<

Like exactly the amount of the duty. It varies by product.

It is if you are going to Norway a bottle of gin there costs £30

Last year's holiday

Yes, It has no added tax.

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