i have some really old beer maybe a collectable? anyone no its worth?!

Question: I have some really old beer maybe a collectable? anyone no its worth?
check the picture see if you guys can tell me how much its worth


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If the bottles are labeled as the container I may pay ?3-5 a bottle just for the collecting purpose.

They will be 30 years old in July 2011 and they are both a novelty and a collectable.
I seriously doubt they were sold outside of the UK so what you have may be rare!

They appear to be unopened. If that is true, they will be worth more.

I'm not a collector so I have no idea of their value. Check out www.beerbottlecollector.com

beer doesn't keep like wine, it won't be worth anything and actually maybe undrinkable by now.

I would have to drink it first to give you a proper valuation! LOL

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