Is it possible for a soft drink to be completely safe?!

Question: Is it possible for a soft drink to be completely safe?
It is impossible for any soft drink to be completely safe to drink.
Give TWO reasons why.
Thank You :D :)


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Yes it is. First tell me how a single can/bottle is going to harm you. Drowning would be the cause an an idiot that can not drink a soft drink properly and not the fault of the drink. For the sugar, acids, or any other chemical the makes the drink what it is to hurt you, you would need to drink more than 6 everyday. I would blame that on your gluttony and lack of control and not the soft drink. How many people drink millions of (billions?) of soft drinks everyday all around the world and live to enjoy it? Well then, millions right.

The water to make them is sterile filtered, many contain preservatives to prevent bacterial/mold contamination, and the acids in them do the same.

For what is right and reasonable soft drinks are completely safe.

P. S.
Have a beer.

Is it possible for anything to be 100% safe?
E coli
Tons more of these things( and none of them come from soft drinks).
So everything we eat and drink( including water) is never completely safe.

So to answer your question:
1) Nothing is ever completely 100% safe to consume
2) sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings are not healthy additives,

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There's the amount of sugar in the drink, artificial colourings, flavours, e-numbers. Even water (if that is a soft drink) can be harmful (especially if you have over 30 glasses, as you can "Internally" drown or you run out of oxygen in the blood, etc). So no - it's near-to impossible to make a soft drink completely safe.

I cant give you even one reason why they would be safe to drink. That is unless you were dying from thirst and it was the only thing you had to drink. Then it would be the best thing to do.

a.) you can drown in a teaspoon of fluid, and b.) carbonation is caused by entrapping gas in the fluid, and this can cause cracking in teeth.

a MINNIMUM of like 32G of sugar..that ridiculous.

Stained teeth,bad breath,side cramps, bloating,upset stomach. Need I go on?

Only if its a diet

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