What is the best beer you have ever had?!

Question: What is the best beer you have ever had?
I am looking for a really high quality beer with a great balance of malt and hops. Cost is not an issue.


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The only beer I have ever rated a 5 on the UK's National Beer Scoring System is Bath Ales, Festivity - A lovely dark beer with some hop, but also some malt to it.

I also agree with the "Arogant Bastard" recommendation, which I think came from Stone Brewery, but prefer their "Self Absorbed" (then again my recollection of both of these is a bit hazy as they were drunk at the after closing, staff only, drinks session on the last night of last years York Beer Festival, and quite a lot got drunk that night)

Gosh, there are so many....I'd have to say my most favourite is Coopers, red label, from Australia. It's been the one I drink most often at home in the last year or two and the few others I've had in that time just weren't as satisfying. It's nice medium strength flavour but a full flavour. Still has sediment in the bottle so watch for that as you pour.

i once had my fraternity's homemade beer. i drank it during pledge week. tons of it. it tasted great. the frat brothers would go into the bathroom with a empty cup, then a minute later they come out with a nice tasting yellow beer

Boddington's Pub Ale



I have had a few really great beers - actually ales.
- Fuller's London Pride
- Chimay Grande Reserve
- Blithering idiot
- Mad Elf
- Belhaven's Wee Heavy
to name a few!

I have never had a bad beer. I really like a beer called Arrogant Bastard.

Spotted Cow. Its a beer by the New Glarus Brewing company out of New Glarus, Wisconsin

The one my Dad let me have a sip of when I was young.

a German beer - Grolsch (sp?) It is really good.

Well one of my favorites it Red Oak

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