Should I get drunk even though my girlfriend will give me ****?!

Question: Should I get drunk even though my girlfriend will give me ****?
My girlfriend thinks I drink to much. I promised for New Years I would be healthier. I have quit smoking, am eating better and exercising. I think I should still be able to get drunk a few nights a week. But I know I will here her **** all night.


just get drunk its not too much to ask. you already gave up smoking and cut down on drinking deserve a drink a couple times a week

Hate to say it, but if momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. Some women Never let ANYTHING go. What you have done seems very reasonable to me, but I'm not her. She's really being a Bicth for not even meeting you half way, dude.

Married to a woman who likes to drink with me.

dont do it.. ur losing her respect everytime your doing that and soon enough she is gonna walk out on you and ur gonna be like "wtf did i just do".. but im not gonna hate on ur gf but she has to understand that if drinking is something that you want to have in your life.. then she is gonna have to exept it or dump you!!
i rreally hope this helps!! : )

hmm, so you don't want to hear her lip all night? well if you really love her & see a future with her cut down on the drinking...she wants you gotta appreciate that. but if your second thinking her, then drink all you want, & let her go.

Not worth the nagging, believe me.

personal experience

You love getting drunk more than you love her or yourself. I think you made your choice before you asked us what we think. One day, perhaps, getting drunk is all you'll have.


~The Fat Man

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