What are some Alcoholic drinks that don't taste like Alcohol?!

Question: What are some Alcoholic drinks that don't taste like Alcohol?
But still gets you Messed up?


One part vanilla vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice (any flavor), splash of club soda...

I like what I call a drunky temple temple personally.

Four ounce glass, fill it halfway with coconut rum, splash in grenadine and fill the rest of the way with sprite. It tastes like candy, so you don't mind drinking a bunch of them. :)


Chocolate Red Wine. Delicious.



Ms. Bieber you are not supposed to be drinking alcoholic beverages.


~The Fat Man

Alcopops and what not.

A screwdriver! Mix orange juice with vodka and bottoms up!!! :D

OMGOMOGMOGMOGOMGGMOMGOMOGGOMOGMOGO I LOVE YOUR PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33 LOL anywayssssss idkk i dont drink! :P lol

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