5% alcohol of mikes hard black cherry lemonade into grams?!

Question: 5% alcohol of mikes hard black cherry lemonade into grams?
All I know is that its 11.2 Fluid Ounces. Will someone help me with the conversion?


11.2 ounces = 317.51466 grams

google calculator

Usually, you'd convert liquids into millilitres or litres because they measure volume as do fluid ounces. Any metric conversion site can do that for you. Grams is a weight measurement. If you want to convert 11.2 fluid ounces to a weight, the best you can probably do is find a site that gives a weight per fluid ounce for a similar liquid, perhaps beer with 5% alcohol.

ABV - Alcohol by Volume - This is the standard measure and used throughout the AlcoholContents.com website. It simply represents the amount of volume consumed by ethanol compared to the entire volume of the drink. It is expressed as a percentage.

What that means is....5% or .05 of the liquid volume is taken up by ethanol, the thing that gets you drunk ;)

5% is standard for most "coolers" and even most regular (USA) domestic beers

Hope this helps


Just drinkkk up (;

Get hammered. Woo

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