Is four loko really that dangerous?!

Question: Is four loko really that dangerous?
I want to try Four loko but i don't want to die lol I've heard bad things about alc/caff combination. What is the danger? Also, I need to know how much will give me a buzz? I'm a casual drinker,
And About 330 lbs


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Alcohol = Relaxant

Caffeine = Stimulant

No one should ever mix the two types of drugs together.

It is very dangerous. Basically u feel fine and very energetic then the the reaction to the alcohol sets in. I've known many people that have blacked out.

Yes it is its energy drink and alcohol mixed those two together are dangerous and just to think people drink more than just one.

Generally mixing stimulants and depressants is a bad idea.

not really, but people are really, really stupid. Honestly, you're better off going upmarket a bit and drinking stuff that actually tastes good.

Don't drink it if you don't plan on dying soon.

Read of a tombstone.

It is, due to the ingredients. 330 lbs? Please take better care of your health.

i think its dangerous . i m not sure

it might be.not sure

yes yes yes. it's been banned in New York! and a few people have died from drinking too much!

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