is drinkn a 12 pack of mountain dew safe ive done it for a year now?!

Question: Is drinkn a 12 pack of mountain dew safe ive done it for a year now?

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If you have taken a year to drink them, then it is probably ok :) Seriously, it is the same a speed and just prematurely ages your body....who needs that!

A friend's doctor told her

Depends what you mean by safe? It won't kill you but it's very very unhealthy.
First of all that is so terrible for your teeth. Mountain Dew has tons of sugar and also is very acidic. If you drink that much [sounds like 12/day?] your teeth are basically constantly bathed in sugar/acid combo. That eats away your enamel and eventually you'll get tons of cavities- google "mountain dew mouth" for some scary pictures of what's gonna happen if you continue. Don't brush teeth for 30 minutes after drinking mt dew, because the acid softens your enamel temporarily-you'll brush off your enamel. Also rinse your mouth out w/water after you finish a can to get rid of some of the sugar?
Other than that, it's a ton of sugar for your system to process- each can has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. I think that can give you diabetes? Also it is a ton of calories, like over half your daily intake of calories is being used up by sugar water. You'll gain lots of weight over time if you haven't already.

Anyway, you should definitely stop. I was almost that bad for like 6 months in high school and it totally screwed up my teeth. At least switch to diet version or cut back a lot. Also make sure you see the dentist on a regular basis.

Well first off, mountain dew is not Beer, Liquor, or Spirits. Anything is large quantities is not good for your health, including a sugary soda like that one.

I'm assuming you're teeth are filled with cavities or they are about to fall out. You should probably start brushing your teeth at least twice a day, floss once a day, and use a restoring mouthwash twice a day (such as Act). And stop drinking the'll probably lose a few pound too (if your overweight).

Ever heard mountain dew shrinks your penis? lol. But anyway you wont die but its not healthy, acne might happen, and you will get fat. Well how long are you on the same pack? stop...I dont wanna have to give up a kidney! lol

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