10 year old sneaking alcohol?!

Question: 10 year old sneaking alcohol?
What do you do when your child sneaks & drinks the ends of peoples drinks.


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Make the kid stop it.

1. Why is your child thinking it's a good idea to be drinking?
2. Do you not teach him that alcohol is for adults only?
3. The end of the drink is usually the worst...mostly spit.

Kidding about #3. But seriously, if your 10 year old is thinking alcohol is good, then your in trouble. Give him a taste of some disgusting beer, and he'll never want to drink again. I surely wasn't 10, but when I was younger I would try and sneak beer and after my first taste I regretted it instantly.

Oh, and alcohol has HORRIBLE developmental effects on anyone under 18, let alone a 10 year old. Be responsible and watch your child at any party you go to, because clearly he is not trusted alone.

i used to do that. but like if you restrict her and ground him/her then they will rebel and do it even more. just say youre disappointed and see where it goes from there. im sure youre a good parent but you need to look 'cool' in your kid's eyes

Go out buy them a bottle of alcohol and get them obliterated drunk so they know what that feels like and wont do it again... Jk you could have a cop scare them by fake arresting them... You could "wash their mouth out"

I'm 13, i have drinken twice and i feel guilty so i don't do it now. But just tell her it is wrong disgusting and dangerous

Well if you don't want him doing that make sure he understands not to do that. You're the parent. Not him.

Tell an adult. NOW. It's very serious, it could kill her and/or leave permanent brain damage.

Somebody's taught that kid right!

Then you have a problem.

Punish him. Not with abuse thogh. And doctor visits!!

Excellent! What does he/she prefer?

Smack him in the mouth.


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