How long will it take for me to develop a tolerance to alcohol? Experienced drinkers please?!

Question: How long will it take for me to develop a tolerance to alcohol? Experienced drinkers please?
K well im in high school, 6'2 163(give or take) im 17 and me and my friends drink pretty much every night there is not school. Nothing to big, just beers, get drunk then go home. i would say that i drink about 12 beers every weekend.

(sometimes we will have some people over which lead to more, but you get the picture)

Anyway, i just figured out that you can develop a tolerance to alch, so what im wondering is, (for the experienced drinkers) how long did it take before you noticed you stopped getting as intoxicated?
P.S no B.S about telling me not to drink, it wont work :D


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Tolerance is not about not getting drunk, it's about not feeling drunk. There is a very big difference, and it's a dangerous one: when you develop a tolerance, you need to drink more in order to get the same effect, but you are doing progressively more damage with the increased amount.
If you aren't going to stop, then I would recommend that you drink on a full stomach, and have lots of water in between drinks.
But to really answer your question, the amount of time for me to feel a significant drop in effect was about 5 years. However, I should mention that I started around the age of 23, and the brain and body chemistry changes rapidly in those 6 years. There is no guarantee you will take the same amount of time.

Drink a pint or 2 every day for a few months.

Drink a pint or 3 every day for a few months

I was a much heavier drinker in high school, so it usually would only take me a month or two of regular drinking to notice a tolerance. Yours may not go up with that amount of drinking. I really noticed the tolerance increase in college and when I turned 21 because I was drinking a majority of the nights of the week.

My question is why do you care about tolerance? It sucks, you spend a lot more money on booze and it leads you to do dumb things because you don't think you are as drunk as you actually are. I didn't take this advice when I was your age, but I wish I had. Now I have to regularly dry out to keep the bills down. Not to mention drinking more than 5 drinks in a night regularly is dangerous and will wreck your liver, that's no bullshit. You should strive to enjoy yourself a couple of nights a week and stay under that number. If you stop having fun with your current level, stop drinking for a month to make sure you're not an alcoholic if nothing else.

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